About Us

Thank you for stopping by our blog. We are excited to launch this project in 2017 and share scientific and fantasy themed books with other up and coming writers. We are inspired heavily by the work of John Shirley and while that happens to be the name of our site, it is by no means the only writer of this genre we will be sharing information on.

john shirley bio shock raptureIn addition to the novels written, we will be sharing videos and images that we find around the web as we scour for awesome sci-fi writings. We may even be sharing some of our own work with you as we complete various milestones with our writings.

Please send us an email and connect with us through our contact page. We would like to add you to our email list to keep you in the loop as well as our facebook group as we build that.


Thanks for stopping by, come back soon for updates and all things sci-fi and fantasy.