Top 10 Science Fiction Anime Shows

Top 10 Science Fiction Anime Shows
Whether it be space cowboys or giant mechas, science fiction and anime go hand in hand. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Science Fiction Anime Shows. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. Sandra Vallejos

    Where…. THE FUCK… IS EATMAN????

  2. Crynaek The Craposting Furry

    Ghost in the shell is a video game. (on steam)
    Go give it a try

  3. Stella Ch

    Ι’m looking for a space/scifi/robot thing anime I watched many years ago. It was in a spaceship, I remember girls (maybe cyborgs or robots, not sure about it) and they find out that a part of the spaceship is contaminated by something like a slime. I remember one of these girls sacrificing herself shielding this part by cutting it out from the rest of the ship. There was electricity during that scene. I also remember the rest of the spaceship landing later on a beautiful planet with water and one of the girls bathed there. Any ideas?

  4. kuted


  5. Henry Benson

    EVANGELION should had one

  6. Isidro carrascosa gomez

    i think that sentou yousei yukikaze deserves a mention, it´s an incredible series.

  7. Isidro carrascosa gomez

    i´m totally agree with the 1#

  8. Jimtim9

    DBZ should soooo count for this. Aliens? Space Travel? Capsules that miniaturize and store objects? HOVER VEHICLES?

  9. White Glint


  10. 51dodoc

    Psycho pass should be way higher, easily top 3!

  11. Megatronimus Prime

    Space battleship Yamato

  12. David Samples

    hey! if you guys know so much…;) Someone help me by naming the anime with the kid going across the desert in giant vehicles, they are trying to save “greens” or something like that, some military guys are trying to nuke the greens, and there is some sort of giant bug guy also giant towers that come down from space and stick in the ground. surely I’m not the only guy who saw this on cartoon network about fifteen years ago!!

  13. Vernon Parker

    I am extremely surprised Ghost in the Shell didn’t at least make the top 4. It was definitely better than entry 5.

  14. Jackey XM8

    Sad I have yet to see outlaw star make it to a list unless I missed that one its my favorite anime and thats saying a lot

  15. Abel Ramirez

    Drake and Josh not even an honorable mention? Disliked.

  16. Daniel S

    Where is Outlaw Star?

  17. ignotusx

    Outlaw Star?????

  18. Robby Yudha Phasa

    No Macross SDF? GG

  19. Fabio Milan

    Where is freaking Akira?

  20. Kou Salex

    i think Aldnoah Zero is missing in your list ;; its my fv one <3

  21. Ndrews Eidzban


  22. spectre111

    Ghost in The Shell is #6? WHAT THE *BEEP* IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!

  23. PuffaFishFace

    love youre channel

  24. William Clayton

    I cannot forgive the announcer guy for constantly mispronouncing Gurren Lagann. Anyone else feel that way?

  25. anummasa

    love W M it tells me all the crap anime not to watch

  26. Elliott Lewandowski

    No Galaxy Express 999? That is a fantastic sci-fi!

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